Praise for Story Book

Story Book suspends and electrifies narration mid-creation. Story Book explores narrative of self-imposed amnesia, bloody encounters at home and on the road, Oedipal rage, suburban cocoons and the anxiety of marriage, male sexuality and therapy sessions gone awry, Catholic school and homosociality, confrontations with love, death, and surveillance, and of course, the purported cure-all of worst-case scenario guides. 

– Rita Banerjee, Los Angeles Review of Books

Story Book shows us how the poet's conception of a text as self-sustaining can inform the genre of the novel or novella. Like different sections of a long poem, these chapters form a mosaic that suggests new ways of thinking about thinking about the world and writing.

– Stephan Delbos, BODY

Praise for Blood Oboe

One of “The Best Poetry Collections of 2015”

Like Ashbery he sees the basic insufficiency, the crying shame in the peculiar anti-phenomenon called time and in what still receives the name of “self”: “my property of cells / my ‘my’ / ... decharmed / … blood in the hopper." 

- Calvin Bedient,

Douglas Piccinnini is a poet who causes space—verbal, figural space—to contract, inducing a negative lyric that reverses the expansive release characteristic of positive versions of poetic epiphany.  

- Andrew Joron, Lana Turner: A Journal of Poetry And Opinion

The poems in Blood Oboe dwell in loss of faith, in frustration of the vanishing pastoral, and the new currency of the digital age. 

- Krisy Paredes, Radius Magazine